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Chengdu Ruibo Electronics Technology Co. Ltd., formerly known as Chengdu Shu source wire cable limited liability company, in order to the development needs of the company, since the 2016.1 month of the year in the town of Pujiang County, Sichuan city of Chengdu Shouan investment founded Chengdu Ruibo Electronics Technology Co. Ltd., covering nearly 30 acres, the registered capital of 12 million. The ability of supporting advanced production equipment, complete testing means, strong technical strength, with college degree or above, all kinds of professional technical and engineering management personnel more than 30, more than 6 technical backbone, the inspection staff of 6 people, 10 professional and technical personnel, all staff 138 people, is the production technology management team has been of high quality.

Under the guidance of the strategy of developing the western region, it will develop into a comprehensive enterprise in Southwest China, specializing in the production of power plugs, connecting wires, civil installation wires, various household appliances and wiring harnesses. Main business projects: all kinds of power lines all over the world, all kinds of signal connecting wire, computer peripheral connector, wire and cable, power line, power cord, plug products, etc..